Welcome to the Young Family's little home on the web! Here, you'll find family history for the Young family from Indiana and Kentucky, as well as a place for the family to chat, share info, news, and so on.
Artie Lee Young was born Virgil Lewis Young, but his mother hated the name so much that when he was little, she changed it! This site focuses mainly on his children, grandchildren, and other descendents, but you'll also find information on his ancestors and cousins.

The 2006 reunion went well, and wasn't too hot. The reunion was held at Robe Ann Park in Greencastle, and those who could attend had a great time!

Did you know?
* On July 4, 1865, the first edition of Alice in Wonderland was published.
* In 1883, Buffalo Bill Cody presented his 1st wild west show, in North Platte, Nebr
* In 1929 AM radio station WOWO, Indiana's transmitter burns down.
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